The Importance of Preventative Maintenance of Compressed Air Systems

For any Company, it is essential that machinery and equipment is running efficiently and effectively. For industrial manufacturing and engineering companies it is imperative. The dependence on each section to produce their component at the right time means that if a machine fails, the downtime can be devastating.

Consequently, most pro-active industrial businesses have some kind of preventative maintenance strategy in place. Preventative maintenance refers to steps that are performed whilst the machine is still working to prevent deterioration and keep it from breaking down. These steps should extend the life of the machine and might include activities such as adjustments, cleaning, lubricating, tightening and changing worn parts. This maintenance is usually planned and would take place periodically.

Commonly referred to as the fourth utility, compressed air is the only one of the four major industrial utilities (electricity, water, gas, and compressed air) that end users must produce and manage themselves. If managed on a reactive and condition-centred basis, the effects can be detrimental. Industrial compressed air equipment parts can be costly and finding yourself in a position where you have to pay a premium to get something fixed quickly can be disheartening; prevention is better than cure.

Subsequently, it is important that a maintenance or facilities manager keeps a pre-emptive approach to the preservation of their compressed air system. We would suggest firstly seeking and then working in partnership with a trusted supplier to at least; schedule minor and major services on air compressors, plan to service and change any in-line filter elements to air dryers and preserve pipework so that air leaks are minimised. Taking this hands-on approach at the outset evades problems and promotes good practice resulting in a compressed air system that can be relied upon.

If you require advice and support in planning preventative maintenance for your compressed air system, do not hesitate to get in touch with Airmech Compressed Air Engineers who will be happy to assist.

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Charlotte Brown – Business Development

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