The White Company

Replacing a HV04 Air Compressor within 24 hours of being faulty

Case Study

The White Company is a British retailer specialising in luxury linens, home decor, and clothing primarily in white cut its costs by 40% by opting for our recommended next-day delivery and installation solution.


saved nearly 40% in potential lost operational costs


uptime - ensuring minimal disruption to their operations

24 Hours

provided The White Company with a comprehensive solution.

The story

A Luxury Lifestyle Destination

Nearly 30 years ago, Chrissie Rucker had a vision: to create a company that specialised in stylish, white homewares, combining the highest quality with affordable prices.


Reacting swiftly to keep The White Company operational

Their HV04 air compressor, a crucial component of their operations, had malfunctioned and needed it repairing fast.

A massive thank you for getting White Co. up and running so quickly. I'll recommend we set up regular checks. Do put something together and send it!


The White Company


Putting our speed and experience to the test

After a comprehensive on-site analysis, it was evident that a new air compressor unit was needed. Our close collaboration with our manufacturer allowed us to quickly ascertain the price and availability. With the understanding that any delay could disrupt The White Company's operations further, we presented the customer with a timely and efficient solution: order the machine before 1pm on Friday 29th September, and we could ensure next-day delivery with installation set for the beginning of the following week.


Doing the business

By 11am on Friday, The White Company had placed their order. With our dedicated team's effort, we coordinated swiftly with the manufacturer. As promised, the compressor was delivered on Monday and successfully installed by Tuesday.

  • Saved nearly 40% in potential lost operational costs
  • 99.8% uptime - ensuring minimal disruption to their operations
  • provided The White Company with a comprehensive solution within 24 hours.
  • The new compressor increased operational efficiency by 20%, showcasing the advantage of timely upgrades and maintenance.

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