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Silent Air Compressors for Low Noise Applications

Our silent air compressors (low noise air compressors) are available in 7.5-10 BAR capacity & can cater to all tasks.

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What is a silent air compressor?

A silent air compressor is a compressor that has been specifically engineered to be low noise.  The design will feature noise-dampening properties that will help to reduce noise pollution and any other mechanical sound.

What’s the difference between silent, low noise, and ultra-quiet?

Different terminology is used to describe the amount of noise reduction different compressor technologies offer.  When selecting equipment, you should consider your application requirements and ensure the specification offers the most appropriate noise level for your intended use.  Noise is measured by decibel rating (dB); louder equipment will have a higher dB rating.

As a general guideline, the below measurements reflect different sound levels:

  • 40 dB is considered low noise.  Many small air compressors designed for domestic or light workshop jobs will be able to offer this.
  • 60 dB is considered the safest level of noise for compressors.
  • 85 dB and over can become dangerous to personnel and staff if exposed for long periods of time.

Check out some low noise options for your next project.

Why opt for a silent air compressor?

In many industries, the characteristic sound of machinery and rushing air is not feasible.  For those who regularly work in close proximity with compressor equipment, noisy compressor installations can pose a real issue.

The sound of moving air, churning mechanisms, and general industrial disruption, when exposed to for around eight hours a day, can be quite harmful.  For one, noisy compressor installations can interfere with communications and performance.  Staff may find it difficult to communicate or understand auditory signals.

This can have a negative effect on health and safety and put employees at risk.  Additionally, loud working environments can decrease morale, lead to a sense of isolation, and reduce the efficiency of your personnel.

Furthermore, loud compressors may affect your ability to position the equipment near point of use, which is critical for certain industries such as dental, garage, and workshop.  Especially noisy products may require you to implement acoustic barriers in your compressor room, requiring additional costs and installation fees.

Check out some low noise options for your next project.

Product Range

  • Industrial rotary sliding vane compressors

Rotary Vane Compressors - HV 01 - 04 Series

Inspired Design - Rotary Vane Technology

Small and compact Hydrovane HV 01 - 04 models are ideally suited for light industrial and workshop applications where the compressed air outlet needs to be situated close to the point of use.

Rotary Vane Compressors - HV 01 - 04 Series

Fixed speed rotary screw compressor 2 - 7.5 kW

L02 - L06, Flow: 0.18 to 0.89 m³/min, 10 bar low-noise compressors, receiver mounted with refrigerant dryer options available.

To meet the requirements of the individual customer demands the range of compressors can be combined with numerous options to provide everything from a stand alone compressor, receiver mounted or complete Air station including refrigerant dryer.

Fixed speed rotary screw compressor 2 - 7.5 kW

Small Screw Air Compressors FM Series

The decision to buy a screw compressor has just become much easier thanks to the introduction of this range. With the FM Series from screw compressor specialist Champion, even customers who require less air pressure can now enjoy the benefits of a screw compressor.

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